On the website, the WSHP instructions are to “apply to wet hair to maintain your curls and coils all day. Wet Set offers a non-greasy, light hold, so that your curls “POP” without feeling hard or crunchy.” The ingredients list contains just three items: glycerin, aloe vera, and olive oil. And it comes in a variety of scents. I sampled the WSHP from kathymack and I must admit that I’m glad it’s just a sample.

I’ve tried the WSHP with and without a leave in underneath, as the top product without a gel, and as the top with a gel and neither of them really work. My first go round with the WSHP, I used it over GDLI and was pleasantly surprised to see chunky waves after scrunching it into my wet (but not dripping) hair. Unfortunately, the happiness with the WSHP ended by the end of the day. My hair wasn’t frizzy per se, there just wasn’t much definition and it was as if my waves were weighed down and pulled out. I’ve been using it every day in different combinations and I still remain ambivalent about it. Sure it smells great and it’s definitely cheap if I were to buy a full size, but I think my hair just doesn’t like aloe vera in large amounts. I can’t use aloe vera gel because it makes my hair feel rough and undefined, and it pulls out my waves. Hm…lightbulb moment. Maybe that’s why I can’t get the WSHP to work for me. No matter how many times I’ve tried AVG with/out a leave in, under or sans gel on top, for the life of me I can’t get it to work. And considering the WSHP is 1/3 AVG that must be why my hair is spazzing out on me.

In other news, I’ve found that I much prefer my hazelnut/pomegranate conditioning oil mix over the babassu oil I’ve been using. I was afraid that my skin would react to this new combination of oils but instead the fine lines are disappearing and my skin feels ridiculously soft. The properties for the pomegranate oil are definitely true: “anti-bacterial (acne); hydrates; moisturizes; nourishing; restores the Ph balance of skin; smoothing; anti-wrinkle properties and smoothes fine lines!!”  Hazelnut has the following properties: “slightly astringent, toning, fast absorption.  Tones and tightens skin, helps maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin. Helps to strengthen capillaries so might be useful against thread veins. Encourages cell regeneration while stimulating circulation.”

It’s unfortunate that the pomegranate oil is a bit more solid than the other GoW oils I own. Since I freeze all my oils to extend their shelf life, I sat both oils onto the kitchen counter to get to room temperature. The next day, the pomegranate oil was definitely thawed but it didn’t have the consistency of regular oil. It was somewhat chunky and there seemed to be fibers in it. Nevertheless, I spooned out a little 1/2 tsp sized chunk and mixed it in a amber glass dropper bottle 3/4 filled with hazelnut oil. This mix is great because it sinks in fast and doesn’t solidify as easily as my babassu oil did. The smell is a little tart due to the pom oil but definitely something I can live it with for great skin.

I’m also loving this GoW immortelle HA serum. It really does work fast to heal irritated skin and it provides a good amount of moisture.