I’ve finally finished the ginormous bottle of LA Looks sport gel and have moved on to my sizeable bottle of Naturelle Volumax gel from Sallys. When I shook the bottle around a bit, I was afraid that I would end up with another Biotera-like gel. Luckily, that isn’t the case. The Volumax gel is not as runny as the biotera and the scent is fr more pleasant. Mmmm…pineapple. So far I’ve used it with the curl junkie coffee coco and GVP PM the cream leave in and it’s been pretty decent. It does leave hair crunchy but it distributes and defines fairly well.

I’ve also been experimenting with GVP PM the cream combined with GVP PM extra body sculpting gel. I tried the combination on a “who cares” day and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe the fact that they’re both PM knock offs lends a synergistic effect?

I’m definitely missing KBB. Looking at my fotki pictures from my KBB days leaves me aching for this experimentation/getting rid of product phase to end already. Damn my rampant early PJ days.

Rather than washing my face in the am with a conventional cleanser, I tried a seamollient rinse. I applied a nickel’s worth of GoW seamollient to damp skin and left it on while I shampooed my hair with KM’s bay rum bar. The result was baby soft skin with pretty good oil control for the day. I’ll definitely be trying this out a bit more.