I’ve been out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday so there really isn’t much to update with. I’ve been experimenting with AG Hair Cosmetics Mousse Gel but I haven’t really been feeling the love like some curlies over at NC.com have. Maybe it’s a matter of my not using enough, the fact that I apply a leave in underneath, or that it just doesn’t have enough hold for me and I’d need to follow up with some gel. I’ve tried it twice both with soap bars, an ACV rinse, conditioner and leave in (curls coconut sublime and CJ coffee coco one day & tigi mm with sheam the second day) and both times were utter failures. There was no hold, no crunch, my hair looked big, and there was frizz. Boo.

Today I did my monthly sulfate clarifying shampoo, followed up with giovanni smooth as silk condish, used CJ coffee coco as a creme, and mixed la looks sport with pbh passion shine. There is a quite a bit of fog today so we’ll see how my hair holds up.