I think I may have spoken a bit too soon about the passion shine gel. Today I washed with CV’s babassu and marshmallow soap, followed with an ACV rinse, rinsed out two nickels worth of KBB hair nectar in coco mango (definite repurchase!) and applied the remainder of my KBB pear hair nectar sample (I need to buy full sizes of this!!!). I then scrunched in two golf balls of PBH passion shine gel, scrunched with a flour sack, and just for extra hold, applied a half dollars worth of GVP PM extra body sculpting gel. The second time around, I noticed that the despite it’s viscous, somewhat sticky nature, the PBH sank into my hair immediately much like KMF and angell. It has a pleasant lightly floral/nutty scent but it does sud up in my hair . Maybe it’s the amount that I applied this time around, but after scrunching the gel in, my waves were clumpy and somewhat boosted. Huzzah!

My only complaint is the amount that you get for the price you pay. As you can see from the picture in my previous post, the tube isn’t LA Looks gel sized. Nor is it priced like LA Looks. I’ll try using a bit less of it now that I know it can be mixed with other gels but I’m still not sure if it’s something I’ll repurchase.

ETA: Forgive the lighting in the first pic, but looking at the first one makes me want to break out my windblossom bar again….

My new toy is here!!! I plan on trying it out tonight (kinda in a half-ass way since I don’t like putting in styling products late in the evening) to see what the first time around brings about. I definitely will be playing with this tomorrow, too.