I’ve been having some mediocre hair days for the past two weeks. I think it’s due in large part to the fact that I’m slowly working through my PJ stash and discovering quite a few duds: GVP Paul Mitchell sculpting gel, GVP Paul Mitchell extra body sculpting gel, arcangell, and angell, and while LA Looks sport has worked for me in the past, it seems to be reneging on its promise of giving me “absolute fixation” and “absolute durability.” I’m not giving up on it yet, however, since I think my hair still needs to rehab from the other duds.

I’ve been using my CV babassu and marshmallow shampoo bar sample and so far I’m not really feeling it. Granted, it’s still hard to tell given the “quality” of the styling products I’ve been using. Maybe I’ll break down and re-open my KCC tub just to see what the shampoo bar really does to my hair. Who knows? Maybe the soap is the cause of the crap hair?

I had some pretty good hair days with the CV carrot milk and honey, and honey beer and egg samples so the light bulb went off and I thought to try honey 50:50 with my KBB hair milk coconut mango sample (really liking this!!). The slip wasn’t all that impressive but roughly 4 hours after styling my hair, I do think honey may be on my repurchase list. I have some pretty good wave and curl…unfortunately, that is eclipsed by the unusually high amount of surface frizz I’m experiencing.

My experiment today included trying the Paul Brown Hawaii passion shine gel I’ve secreted from my sister’s old hair stash. It. has. no. hold. Sure my hair is soft and not crunchy at all but that’s because there is no hold to speak of whatsoever. Boo.