Yes, I am a PJ. Yes, I made a vow that I wouldn’t spend a lot on hair care. Yes, in the past two months I’ve purchased KBB samples, Donna Marie and a Curls by Sister Smith Wet Set Pudding sample, more KM bars than I can use in 6 months, a Sedusa, and my newest toy showcased above.  And now there is talk on the boards about Hairveda, Ohm, and Komaza hair care. And not only that – Karen introduced Super Silky ” A perfect styling product for feathery fine straight to medium wavy tresses.” Le sigh. My current stash prevents me from purchasing full sized products. I just have TOO much stuff. Stuff that I need to at least try before blowing my hard-earned dollars on KBB goodies…no matter how much I’m already liking the hair nectar. Yeah, I know. Insert music from world’s smallest violin here.

I’m happy to report that the DevaFuser is a good buy. My good ol’ Conair Ion Shine and diffuser serve me well in forming the wave and starting the drying process but the attachment doesn’t do much for drying near my nape and closer to my scalp. Nor does manipulating my still damp hair to allow the airflow to reach my scalp lend to frizz-less waves. The hand is a bit awkward to move around but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. And for 20% off at Ulta using a coupon, it’s well worth it to have a good amount of volume and not worry about the undercanopy getting smooshed since it’s still damp.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get Angell to work for me. Not even when paired with a thicker gel: GVP PM extra body sculpting gel (still on the fence with this one). As much as I love the scent, I’m pretty much given up on Angell. The fact that it won’t even play well with other gels is really disheartening. Rather than try to off it via the swap boards, I’ll use up the remainder of the bottle and enjoy the scent while I can…although not the midday frizz that comes along with it.