I love me some soap. Seriously. My collection includes soaps from kathymack, chagrin valley, soaptopia, and whole foods. I’ve pretty much been soaping up daily and following with an ACV rinse and my hair has never looked better. Also, I’m finding that my seb derm issue has really calmed down which is a great side effect.

Now that I’m pretty much stocked up foir the next millennium, I don’t plan on making a whole lot of purchases….well, other than the WSP and Donna Marie product samples….and the Sedusa off ebay.

I’ve been experimenting with GVP Paul Mitchell super clean sculpting gel and so far it’s on the “do not repurchase” list.  It’s liquidy texture does allow it to spread easily in my hair but, oddly enough, it weighs it down. I used it over the weekend while at my SO’s mom’s house and whole some of it may be attributed to the different environment, it was enough of a test for me.

Now back to the bars. I’m happy to report that castor oil doesn’t do a number on my hair. I’ve used the carrot milk and honey beer egg CV bars with no adverse effects. A definite “repurchase” lister!

Unfortunately, sheam may lose its spot to KBB hair nectar. Now that I’m nearing the bottom of the bottle, it is increasingly tougher to squeeze some out. Also, I find that while sheam does boost my waves a bit, it also leaves my waves a tad stringy and fluffy.