I’ve been using the shampoo bars daily for about a week now, sometimes without an ACV/honey rinse follow up and I’m still really liking the results. I’m getting more body, softness, less frizz and seemingly better wave formation. I’ve been using the KBB hair milks and nectars on and off and I actually quite like them. Today I used the windflower soap bar (getting used to the granny smell) followed by an ACV/honey rinse, KBB milk rinse out in cherry (don’t like the scent), and two pea sizes of KBB hair nectar (in white tea) mixed with KY. I applied 2 palm-sized gobs of SS hold and shine gel over it all and scrunched. After plopping I diffused, sprayed some Suave healthy curl spray gel, and diffused a bit more.

I’m feeling a bit ambivalent towards the KBB hair milk. Granted I don’t have to use so much to get moisture, but I don’t feel like I get nearly enough slip as I’m used to and I think the oil content may be causing a straighter crown area. I do like the nectar because it provides just the right amount of moisture, doesn’t weigh my hair down, and I’m sure it’s good for my hair. I’m EXTREMELY tempted to purchase some KBB nectar due to the “buy 2 get one free” deal going on at the website, but I have so many other items I need to weed through that even the great deal can’t be justified (I keep telling myself that).

I’m not a fan of the SS gel. Yes, the ingredients list (which I wish I could find online) is small and contains a good amount of natural ingredients, but there really isn’t any hold to speak of. It has a pleasant scent and I suspect that it contributes more to frizz control and possible wave enhancement (akin to my thoughts on MopTop anti-frizz gel) but even with a stronger holding gel mixed in, it doesn’t do the job. I’ll use it until it’s finished but I definitely won’t be repurchasing it.

When I’m not experimenting with the KBB hair milk samples, I’m using and enjoying the Curls coconut sublime conditioner. It has a heavenly scent, gives a good amount of slip and moisture, and it doesn’t suffocate my hair like I thought such a thick conditioner would. Would I repurchase? Time will tell but it’s definitely something I’m going to consider.

I’ve been on the hunter for the perfect travel dryer since a plain old dryer with the Hot Sock isn’t cutting it for me. Neither is the Conair pancake dryer I was using when my hair was shorter. I found the perfect solution at Marhsall’s of all places. A X5 Superlite travel dryer that folds in and comes with a bowl diffuser attachment! It was a steal at $40.00. I’ve seen it online for $80+ so I’m quite happy with the price.

On another note, I was pretty upset to see Healthy Sexy Hair products at Marshall’s, paricularly the pumpkin potion and chocolate milk sulfate free shampoo. Both items were less than $7, almost 1/2 of the price I paid for each at a mom and pop beauty supply store. Grrr….