I love garden of wisdom skincare products. From what I’ve tried of Markey’s products, I can see a major difference in the way my skin looks, feels, and acts. That being said, there have been a couple GoW products that my skin didn’t take too kindly to. I’ve written about my irritation from the grape alcohol in the fruity exfo cleanser and now I have to add my aversion to something in the juicy strawberry scrub and oat, milk & honey cleanser. The only time I used the strawberry cleanser, I had trouble getting it out of the bottle first of all, and I also had trouble trying to use it as an actual cleanser. I realize that it’s a scrub with the sugar but it can also be used a cleanser due to the mild foaming agent (decyl polyglucoside). I can say that it did clean my mmu off but when I woke up the next day, it was obvious that my skin wasn’t feeling it because I saw raised, reddish bumps all over; an obvious adverse reaction to something in the cleanser.

I thought to alleviate the irritation by trying my sample of the oats, milk, and honey cleanser figuring that something gentle would calm it down; instead, I noticed more reddish bumps. I’m now using my good ol’ castor/castille cleanser in the hopes that my skin will revert to its normal self. So far, it seems to be working but there are little flareups every now and then. I’m definitely not going introduce anything new to my regimen until my skin is ok.