I realize I’m a bit late extolling the virtues of something so cheap and simple but I think my hair likes ACV and ACV & honey rinses! I was feeling a bit anxious waiting for my shipment of KBB samples and organic soap bars from a curly at NC.com so I broke out my Chagrin Valley shampoo bar samples and the few KBB samples I do have. I shampooed with the carrot milk and honey bar, rinsed with a tubful of a ACV, honey, and water mix, conditioned with KBB hair milk in coco lime, applied a nickel’s worth of KBB hair nectar in white tea, and followed up with some KY jelly and L.A. looks wet look gel. My hair felt clean, soft, bouncy, and I noticed a nice, strong wave pattern. I definitely plan on experimenting more with ACV rinses.