I’ve been away from my comp for the past few days and for good reason; my older sister gave birth to her first son (and my parents’ first grandchild) this past Wednesday. I’ve been visiting her every day so blogging has been far from my mind.

I’ve been enjoying the slip and results from NG rose and persimmon condish so I stashed it away to try out a new condish. I pulled out Regis Vivid Satin Conditioner and have been in love with the results! I didn’t expect to get suck great results with a condish that doesn’t have as many natural ingreds as the NG persimmon. I’ve been seeing more spirals and body and it’s just amazing!

I also switched out my KMS pepper gel. I wanted to see if the clumps and body were solely due to that gel. I used Pantene’s curls scrunching gel with sheam and ky and my hair looks great! If I weren’t so tired I would definitely load a picture. The definition, spiraling, body and feel is surprising.

I’m starting to suspect that my experiment of drawing all the water out of my hair before applying product was a contributor to my craptastic hair days for the two months prior. I guess my hair just likes having my product-laden hands squish out the water. I also haven’t been using the zigazaga method; I’ve just been finger combing my soaking wet hair before product application and it’s been working quite well.

Another thing I’ve changed in my routine is my clipping method. After diffusing, I’ve been using 5 big clips and getting more volume than I ever before…and it’s SO much easier to boot!

In other news, I splurged at Target and bought a crapload of Pixi makeup at Target. I purchased some eyeshadow palettes, all her cheek gels, all her gel eyeliners, and a couple of her lip stain pens. I also nabbed some JK Jemma Kidd items: two i-tech liquid liners and the color adapt lip gloss. I didn’t pick up anything from the NP Set line; it didn’t really grab my attention. I’ve played with almost everything I’ve purchased from the two lines and I’m really quite impressed. Yeah, I spent a pretty penny for the items but I think I’m good on makeup for, oh, the next millennium.