For the past few days I’ve been playing with Boots white curling creme. I’ve been using it with KY jelly under or over but never with a leave-in underneath, and gobs of KMS cranberry pepper gel over it all for hold. On Monday, I used a bit too much Boots and while the clumping was insane, my hair felt weighed down and the waves were pulled out by the end of the work day.

Today, my work at home day, I used two peas of boots, two peas of KY over that, and 2 golfballs of KMS over that. Again, my hair had some nice clumps, but as you can see, the waves were really straight near the crown. I plan on playing with boots more and trying it out with KCCC as mentioned in a thread on

I do love how it smells and how soft my hair feels when I use it. Plus, it’s always a thrill to see nice chunky waves right after a plop.