I think my hair has been feeling dry due to LOOB use for the past few days. Today, I decided to give my hair a break so today’s routine consisted of a CWC method with VO5 sun kissed raspberries + Nizoral (the weather change has been aggravating my seb derm problem at the base of my scalp), NG persimmon rinse out, sheam mixed with SAMY potion, KMS cranberry pepper, and Lily of the Desert’s Aloe80 styling spray [a CG hair spray (ingreds: CERTIFIED ORGANIC ALOE BARBADENSIS GEL, PVP, PANTHENOL, HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN, CERTIFIED ORGANIC POLYSACCHARIDE RICH ALOESORB™, BIOTIN, LYSINE HCL, CHLORPHENESIN, PHENOXYETHANOL (AND) CAPRYLYL GLYCOL (AND) SORBIC ACID, POTASSIUM SORBATE, CITRIC ACID)] after diffusing for a bit.

The SAMY potion worked like KY for me. There isn’t much frizz and my waves were chunky and defined. Of course, with the gobs of KMS that I had to apply in order to get it work for me, my hair has already fallen flat 12 hours after styling. I’ll be giving the potion a couple more tries to see if it might be another CK substitute. So far, KY jelly is already an HG for me; I just wish that they sold it in Costco sized vats. Although, I can just imagine the embarrassment when placing an industrial sized bottle of KY on the checkout conveyor belt….