I’m happy to announce that my skin is 100% back to normal. I was rotating the GoW rosacea, neosporin, FOTE, and hydrocortisone cream on my upper lip as well as applying my usual oil and water serums mix (GoW babassu oil, honey hyaluronic acid, liposod serum, and oat beta glucans) with a spritz of distilled water daily. My skin was flaking off and feeling less irritated daily. Yay!

I’ve stopped using the GoW fruity exfo cleanser because of my experience, however. I really do think my skin had an adverse reaction to the combo of the cleanser with benzoyl peroxide. I reserve the cleanser for cleaning my makeup brushes now.

Onto makeup… I’ve been using everyday minerals makeup for over a year now and I do like it. I still have samples from Alima, Meow Cosmetics, and Lumiere to try out, but I used EDM is my skin is acting up. I’ve been using Alima for the past few days and while I like how finely milled it is, it doesn’t really work to control my oil. I’ll have nice coverage but an EXTREMELY oil face by midday or earlier!! I recently ordered more EDM samples to try out and was excited to receive oil blotting papers and a mini size of a pretty plum eyeshadow as my free gifts! I do love how fast they ship out. My only complaint is that they seemingly discontinued the tinted silk powder that I used to set my mmu and control oil. They have finishing dust and some start to finish rice powders which I’ve ordered samples of in hopes of finding a replacement.

However, much as I like EDM, the PJ in me will not cease and so I’m still looking at other MMU lines. I’ve got my eye on monave, lauress, fyrinnae and a couple of others to try.