After the one amazing hair day with Jessicurl, I decided to try it out for an entire week. At least every other day I was washing with HCC, rinsing out TS, leaving in a bit of TS mixed with KY, and topping off with either a combo of JCRR + spike it, or spike it alone. The off days, I was cowashing with VO5, and rinsing out Essential, or cowashing and rinsing out Essential. The result?? I now know that TJ Essential is much too light for my hair and that it causes a slightly dry scalp when used as a cowash.

Using Jessicurl every other day seemed to contribute to my slightly dry, frizzy, and lackluster waves, too. Today I used all Jessicurl with KY and spike it, and my waves seem stringier and straighter. Protein overload. I don’t think my hair minds protein once in a while, but this experiment has taught me a lesson or two.

The next conditioner I will be experimenting with is Curls Ecstasy Asian Hair Tea.


I realize I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to; a lot of it comes from stress at work (I don’t want to come home and turn on the comp) and not trying new products as much (my experience with the B2B Jasmine has me leery). I probably won’t be posting until some time next week as I’m going camping for the first time this long weekend!