I’m still trying to figure out if a conditioner containing a small amount of cocobetaine really does help produce volume at my roots and provide for an all around better head of hair. With that, I’ve been trying the CWC method (condition, wash with a shampoo, condition) in lieu of purchasing more Freeman conditioners. My SO would have a fit if I bought more cowashes….especially considering I’ve got probably 12+ VO5 conditioners in my stash. My SO does like VO5 as a conditioner, but I’m sure it would take him at least 3 years or more to go through that amount.

On Saturday, at my SO’s house, I washed with activate shampoo, conditioned with loreal nutrigloss for wavy hair, and applied JCRR mixed with easy straight, and biotera gel. The result was less than spectacular. While my hair wasn’t super frizzy, it was also limp, too soft, and looked weighted down.  

Yesterday, I cowashed with Giovanni 3T conditioner, rinsed out back to basics jasmine, sprayed in a generous amount of Oyin Juice and Berries, scrunched out excess water with my curlease, and scrunched in some FOTE AVG. Bad hair day #2. Soft hair, but a marked lack of wave boosting and definition.

Today’s disaster is courtesy of CWC using giovanni 3T conditioner & dudu osum, b2b jasmine rinsed out, sheam & KY jelly combed in, and la bella super spikes scrunched in. Wow. Just…wow. Amazingly bad hair. I think I may not have used enough gel but then again, if that gel is truly supposed to hold anything, 2 cupped palm sized globs should be more than enough. When I took my hair out of the plop, I really couldn’t feel any of the gel. I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. 5 hours later, I realize it’s a bad thing. My hair looks so bad it’s up in a bun right now. Prior to that, my hair was frizzy with no definition to speak of. There was absolutely no hold because my hair felt just like my hair – it was as if I just applied a leave-in and went sans gel. It was even to the point where I bemoaned my bad hair day before my SO and I even left the house for work today. Luckily, my lovely SO is willing to take the gel offender off my hands. He uses the green la bella gel so it shouldn’t make much of a difference. As long as I never give him a protein-containing gel, he’s set.