Today’s combo is giovanni TTT cowash, ytc rinseout, a dime’s worth of sheam, and a puddleof biotera mixed with a pinky’s worth of sallys spike it on each side. I’ve already scrunched out the crunch with GF shine wax and it’s looking…decent. Nothing spectacular. The waves are wavier than usual, but it’s stringier than usual, too. 

I attribute the stringy waves to biotera gel. Yesterday, I was in a rush to head ou with my SO to one of his proposed school sites, so I sprayed in a ton ofOyin’s Greg juice leave-in and topped it off with biotera mixed with spike it. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft waves, lack of much frizz, and faster drying time. I wasn’t impressed by the stringy waves, though.

I’m not experimenting much with new products per se; rather, I’m trying to find ways to use up some of the duplicate products I have: biotera gel, mop top gel, sheam, and sally’s spike it (I have the real biolage rock hard gel)