GDLI and I seem to have a semi-like (not love!!)/hate relationship. It’s nice that the consistency is thinner than my beloved sheam, but I also don’t like that it’s not as viscous as the zerran equalizer leave in. I rub leave in between my hands and then smooth it over my hair; with GDLI, it tends to accumulate near the end of my palm or in between my fingers rather than spreading itself out across my palms. The last couple of times I’ve used GDLI, it was a crapshoot trying to figure out how much to use. Either I didn’t use enough and my hair was frizzy and puffy as a result or I used too much and my hair looked stringy, limp, and oily. Today, however, I may have found the correct application method and amount. My hair felt a bit sticky and producty so I cowashed with Freeman sea kelp, rinsed out ytc, squeezed out excess water, and the smoothed in a nickel’s worth of GDLI. I smoothed in my beloved generic KY jelly, combed and finger combed, then biolage creme gel had its turn; I applied 3 pumps mixed with a pea’s worth of sally’s spike it on both sides, flipped over and scrunched the remaining water-hands first then flour sack.

In the shower, I wasn’t too impressed with the lack of clumping. My waves looked stringy and actually felt a bit rough. After plopping, however, the waves looked a bit better and after diffusing pixiecurl style, my hair looked promising. A good thing because I’ve got my first public meeting for one of my LAUSD school sites! I know, not the greatest time to experiment.

It’s now five hours after styling my hair and I scrunched the crunch with the GF wax. I do think that squeezing out the excess speeds up the drying process. My hair is nice and wavy with hardly any frizz, but it doesn’t look as voluminous and boosted as yesterday’s hair.  I’ll give an update later on if I get the chance.

ETA: Nine hours later and my waves are falling with an increase in frizz. Poo on you GDLI!