I’ve come to the the conclusion that using the Freeman sea kelp conditioner daily exacerbated the seborrheic dermatitis on the back of my scalp. I’ve been alternating with my SO’s conditioning dud, Giovanni TTT conditioner. Since he prefers the amazing conditioning capability of the ever-so expensive VO5, I’ve taken it upon myself to help him use up the Giovanni. Yes, my SO is simple guy who prefers the no-frills stuff. I love him.

This morning I cowashed with the Giovanni, rinsed out YTC, and (as an experiment) squeezed out water and applied a dime sized blob of Sheam mixed with a quarter’s worth of generic KY jelly. I combed it in, ran my finger through and scrunched in three pumps of biolage creme gel mixed with another dime’s worth of sally’s spike it. I was a bit wary with the whole scrunching out the water deal, but since some curlies on NC.com have been getting pretty good results using this method for KCKT & KCCC, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I must admit that I really wasn’t feeling it when scrunching in the gel. My hair felt a little dry and looked stringy. I guess I’m just used to all the water coming out of my hair after scrunching my dripping wet hair. I will say that it took much less time to diffuse. I don’t know if it’s the knock-off BRHG or the fact that my hair had less water, so I’ll have to test using the scientific method. In any case, my hair dried faster and seemed to look wavier.

It’s now 4 hours later and I just scrunched the crunch with the GF water-based shine wax. I am pleased to report that the stringy, crunchy waves turned into soft, frizz-free, bouncy waves with a good amount of volume, shine, and clumpiness. I did experience good clumping with the biolage creme gel and sheam combo before so I definitely need to make a note of that.

ETA: I am thoroughly impressed! Even my SO said that my hair looked curlier than normal. Take a gander. Note, photos were taken around 630ish pm…about 14 hours after my hair was styled. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Loose, chunky waves that almost look slightly Farah Fawcett-ish.