I don’t know how I feel about this gel. On the NC.com board, there is a quite a thread about it. I’ve used it about 5 times already; a couple times on its own and others mixed with a harder holding gel, and I’m still rather ambivalent about it. It’s a runny gel with a nice, floral biolage-ish scent. However, for it being runny, it doesn’t have much hold on it’s own and it seems to flatten my waves…but it does make my hair feel soft. I have a bottle of biolage gelee and find that it is comparable. I’ll be trying this gel out a bit more, but I’m not really feeling the love with this one.

On another note, I freaking love Target brand KY jelly. I used it yesterday along with SheaM and sallys spike it as a humidity proof combo; I was in San Diego for my first Comic-Con (very fun by the way) and needed to make sure my hair wasn’t going to freak out on me. Not only was my hair frizz free, but my waves held up the entire day! Even my SO noticed that I was having a good hair day.