The past few weeks we’ve had some pretty weird humidity. Actually, just humidity itself in general. For it being the Inland Empire in the summer, it’s really quite odd. Not only did I experience humidity out in Rancho Cucamonga, but also in LA. I was at my parents’ house this weekend for my older sister’s baby shower and even in Eagle Rock (between Pasadena and Glendale), it was ridiculously humid!!! (Ok, not Hawaii or tropical style humidity, but enough to warrant a “WTH is up with the weather?!?!?” response). My other sister and a friend and I were setting up for the shower at 10 am and it was muggy and overcast. Thirty minutes later the sun was out but there was still that muggy feeling. I hung a couple of decorations underneath the canopy and I was already sweating! It was unfortunate that I was already dressed and had my hair ready for the party. By the time people showed up, I was at the point where I was constantly tossing my hair off my back because it was sticking.

I’m having a tough time finding the right products to use with this odd weather. I’ve been experimenting with a couple gels and experiencing mediocre hair. This past weekend I brought along my LUSH big tease gel which hasn’t gotten me down yet; unfortunately, the humidity made my hair all damp and reactivated it so touching my hair in any way resulted in slightly sticky hands.

Yesterday I tried out Biolage bodifying creme gel. Unfortunately I can’t find the ingredients list online but I’m pretty sure it’s CG. I read the ingredients list on all products I purchase and stay away from as many ‘cones as I can. I don’t shy away from dimethicone or cyclomethicone since I’m modified CG, but I do stay away from cyclopentasiloxane and try to limit my ‘cone use. The consistency is more gel-like than a creme. It’s a little bit like a thicker runny gel. Imagine LOOB but a runny version. I used about three pumps on each side over a quarter’s worth of KY jelly. I scrunched in 2 nickel’s worth of MopTop over it and plopped. First off, let me say that the zigazaga method has been failing me a bit. Rather than getting the clumps I’ve gotten used to, the clumps are stringier than usual. I don’t know if my hair is crying out for a DT (I haven’t done one in a while) or if it’s just rebelling because of the weird weather. Either way, I wasn’t anticipating any Wow! when my hair dried so I was quite surprised to see voluminous, soft, clumpy, albeit somewhat frizzy, waves.

To determine whether or not it was some freakish half blessing from the hair gods, I used the biolage again today. I used SheaM underneath and squeezed out some water, applied 3 pumps of biolage in addition to a pea’s worth of spike it on each side, plopped, and diffused. I still had the wet stringy waves, but now, after scrunching out the crunch with GF brilliantine shine water-based shine wax (a thanks to Shellynot for that one!) my hair is voluminous, clumpy, and wavy with some ringlets! The frizz factor is higher today and I’m thinking it’s because the SheaM wasn’t distributed well enough. Then again, the dewpoint is 61 and humidity is 78%. I will update later on in the day to report on how it held up.