Yes, it’s a bit pricey at $22 for 4.5 oz but the color match is perfect! Application is a breeze since it’s a lotion and I didn’t experience the streaking/patchiness I had with the other three lotion STs when applying it. The scent is reminiscent of the Jergen’s cherry almond lotion and the color guide isn’t horrendously muddy like the Fake Bake and St Tropez. I was actually a bit apprehensive because the color guide wasn’t so dark; I was afraid that I wasn’t applying enough. Because my skin with the color guide wasn’t the color of the box above, it was a bit tough to tell where I had applied it. It blended well into my natural skin color but with just the slightest greenish tinge. I was ready to just write it off and deal with St. Tropez, my second choice.

When I woke up today, there was a noticeable difference. My skin looked golden and wonderfully evenly tanned. I chalked it up to the color guide ( a la my Fake Bake experience) and hopped into the shower. Compared to St. Tropez and Fake Bake, rivers of color guide did not wash off. There were some light brownish/greenish rivulets running towards the drain, but that was it. I even smoothed my hands over my legs to ensure that all the guide was rinsed off.

When I compared my arms to my legs, the color is almost spot on. There is a bit of a ST glow to my legs, but not to the point where you’d think I was a mannequin with snap-on legs.

Finally, finally, I get to return the ST misses to Ulta and get my money back….and pick up another bottle of Faux Tan!

On another note, I think the scent of the Oyin Burnt Sugar pomade is getting to me. I use it to scrunch out the crunch but the heady vanilla scent is attacking my olfactory senses. I don’t think it’s even that it’s summer and scents are more noticeable, it’s just…..a bit funky.