Yesterday was a shampoo day so I used dudu osum, rinsed out yes to carrots, and cracked open the Giovanni Direct leave-in. I liked the texture of the GDLI: not too runny, not too thick a la sheam, and a good amount of moisture. I combed in it and scrunched in 3 half dollar globs of Suave. After plopping, the clumping was nice, albeit quite elongated. I had faith so I diffused as usual, clipped, and air dried. Two hours later, the waves looked pulled out but still defined. A couple hours more and the definition disappeared only to be replaced by frizz. The frizz wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something I would have expected given the amount of gel I used.

Today I used the Suave gel with FOTE aloe vera gel as a leave in. I scrunched water out with my curlease (must say that I’m quite impressed ) after having applied 3 half dollar globs of suave gel. The result? Frizz, moisturized hair but with a hint of roughness (if that’s even possible), undefined waves, and stringiness. Thankfully, I’m halfway done with the tube already. This is a definite no repurchase.