I’m on self tanner #4 out of the 5 I’ve picked up over the summer; Sephora’s bronzing spray, SUN laboratories medium self tanning lotion, Fake Bake lotion, St Tropez lotion, and Bare Escentuals Faux Tan.

Last night was St Tropez night. I exfoliated and moisturized my knees, ankles, and feet. Sat for about 30 mintues to allow the lotion to set in and ensure dry skin, put on my application gloves, and went at it. The lotion is as dark as Fake Bake but it doesn’t have a very strong smell. In fact, I found the scent to be slightly floral and pleasant. Rubbing it onto my skin, I found it to be like the SUN labs tanner in that it doesn’t seem to spread easily and there were little streaky patches. The back of the bottle mentions streaking so I figured it’s just a part of the process and moved on. The color indicator is great – not too dark, not too green, just right. I actually really liked the color of the indicator because it was a nice burnt, tan brown.

This morning in the shower, quite a bit rinsed off, just like the Fake Bake. Unlike the Fake Bake, however, the resulting color doesn’t look as orange. There is still a slight orange cast compared to my naturally tanned arms, but it’s more golden brown than anything. Of the two, I’m leaning a bit more towards the St Tropez because of the slightly better color.