So I gave KMF upper management gel another chance; I cowashed and rinsed out as usual but instead of using my zerran leave-in, I combed in KY jelly. I scrunched in about 2 1/2 gumball sized blobs of KMF and was surprised at the clumping I was starting to see. Not one to put things on a pedestal just because of immediate clumping, I plopped for 10 minutes and started to diffuse pixiecurl style with my Conair ionic shine dryer. Usually, no matter what the product, my bottom canopy will not hold a wavy clump for very long. Even if I diffuse to high heaven, that portion of my hair refuses to keep a wave. Imagine my surprise when I turned off the dryer and noticed that not only is the clump still wavy, but it had shrunk about 1/2 inch!

What I liked about this combo is that it sped up the diffusing process like LUSH’s the big tease gel, but it also promoted shrinkage = wavier/curlier than normal hair for me. I was so impressed that even before I finished diffusing, I showed off my hair to my SO. His response? “What did you use this time? It looks a lot better and really curly.”

My hair is still in clips and drying but I will definitely update once it’s dry and the crunch is scrunched out.

ETA: My hair is 95% dry so I used a bit of JCS Nourish and Shine to scrunch out the crunch. Except for that crappy clump of hair to the back right that looks like its sorely lacking gel, this is a pretty dang good hair day!! Nice clumpy, boosted waves that are frizz free and soft! Except for that darn clump!!