Fake Bake has a very deep chocolate color. It’s a little scary at first, but upon application, even just the color guide looked really good; a nice burnt brown just a tad darker than how my skin looks naturally tanned. The application is a breeze. I much prefer lotions, gels, or even mousses over sprays; it gives me much more control over where I apply it.

I don’t know if I didn’t exfoliate as well as I should have, or if the lotion I applied to my knees and ankles had some weird reaction with the Fake Bake, but there was some odd streaking/glopping when I was massaging the ST onto my legs. I’m leaning more towards a lotion/ST reaction because I always use an exfoliating washcloth much like this everyday:

I’ll have to wait til tomorrow morning to see how it looks without the color guide, but I’m really hoping this one works out. If the color guide is any indication of what the end result will look like, this might be a runner up to SB.

ETA June 30th: It’s true what they’ve mentioned on MUA.com about most of the color washing off in the shower. I’ve never seen a ST come off that much in the shower. Unfortunately, most of the pretty tan brown color came away, too. I’m left with a color that is slightly more golden/orange than my natural tan. (I compare the quality of a ST to my tanned arms). The coloring is much better than the SUN Labs and Sephora, however.