So I gave angell one last fighting chance. Not only that, but to ensure that it’s not user error, I pulled out my devacurl products: low-poo, devacurl conditioner, and angell. I was due for a low poo, anyway. I shampooed and applied conditioner like usual, but I didn’t rinse out the condish all the way; I allowed a slightly seaweed feeling to remain. I then flipped over and applied two 3/4 golf balls of angell. I was a bit impressed when I saw the immediate clumping. I plopped for about 15 minutes and shook out my hair a bit. Wow. MAJOR difference between the post-plopping hair today vs. yesterday. I clipped and diffused as usual.

What I still really like about angell is that my hair absorbs it easily…..that and the freaking AMAZING scent. I swear, I really want to like angell because I just want my hair to be smelling like this all the time. I still love the scent of LUSH’s the big tease, but angell is a bit lighter.

When I got to work, I was a bit apprehensive because my hair felt like a puffball. I did a hair check in the ladies room and noticed more clumping than Monday and Tuesday, but a little bit more frizz. I’m thinking the frizz may be attributed to today’s shampooing.

It’s now 7 hours after application of angell and my hair has volume and is slightly more defined than yesterday, but there is frizz.

I’ll give angell another shot with just the conditioner tomorrow.