I think I’ve given angell a chance. Yes, it’s just the second time but I can already tell this is going to be a very short relationship. I did my usual cowash and rinseout, but today I applied 2 golfballs worth of angell instead of one. As Keyonna from Capella Salon said, “If you think you applied enough, you need to apply more.” Considering the lightweight consistency of angell, I don’t see how you could go wrong with more. I really scrunched in the shower to make sure the gel was well distributed and then plopped. Once I took my hair out of the plop, I was underwhelmed: it looked just like my hair after plopping with no product. Sucks.

I know I said I’d try angell on its own, but with the disappointment I could see in the mirror, I didn’t think adding more angell would miraculously fix things. And so, I unceremoniously scrunched in two 1/2 dimes worth of bold it! I diffused and clipped as usual and could see that the left side of my hair – the side that is usually the most well behaved and wavy, was lifeless. It wasn’t frizzy but it just wasn’t as wavy.

It’s about 3 hours later and my hair is already dry. There isn’t too much frizz, but again, there is no definition. I will give angell one more shot and then it’s back into my cave of products. Maybe I’ll give it another go when I switch conditioners, but I definitely won’t be expecting much.