Let me start of by saying IT’S DAMN HOT. It’s about 104 outside right now. I had to go shopping for my sister’s birthday gift and the minute I step outside, I can feel my skin burning. Nice.

Today I cowashed with Suave, rinsed out with yes to carrots, and applied two 1/2 inch ribbons of SheaM. The bold it wasn’t really doing much for clumping, so I figured adding my favorite SheaM would do something. Afterwards, I topped off with about 2 nickels of bold it. After scrunching in the gel, I could tell that there was already some clumpage. I scrunched with my flour sack towel and then plopped for about 10 minutes. I diffused, clipped, diffused some more, and tried to air dry. I was in a bit of a rush because the SO and I made lunch plans and I some other errands to run. Despite the heat outside, it’s relatively cool in my place, so I try not to turn on the ac unless I just can’t take it. That said, it wasn’t that nice trying to air dry my hair. My back was getting damp and the gel was making my hair stick to my back. The result was that the bottoms started to get frizzy as I was air drying. Well, I sucked it up and headed out into the 100 degree weather with my 1/3 dry hair.

Fast forward to 3 hours later and my hair is in a bun. As much as I loved the waves I got, I just couldn’t take the extra heat generated from leaving my hair down. And so, I can’t tell how the SheaM and GF bold it experiment turned out. I’m home now with the ac on and my hair down, but it’s just a mess. My hair is soft, but I can’t tell if the combo was a success or failure. At least there’s tomorrow.