In one word: it’s alright. I used it the day of my devacut and it seemed alright. I’ve been using it since Monday and my hair seems to like the moisture. My only gripe is the -cone near the end of the ingredients list. I do use a low poo every three days, but I prefer the cones to be in my stylers and not the conditioners. That being said, I’ll have to update once I get a better idea of the conditioner.

I’m really liking my new ‘do. It’s taking some getting used to with all the layers, though. I feel like it looks a bit messy but I’m sure it’s just because I’m not used to all the waves yet. I love how my hair feels lighter without all that weight pulling out the waves. It’s also nice not to have to flatiron my bangs; it also looks more natural. I LOVE IT!