Pre-devacut Post-devacut (still slightly damp) Totally dry Day after style

i LOVED it! Keyonna was fantastic! She sat me down and asked about my previous devacut experiences. When I told that I wasn’t that impressed, she wanted to find out more. Afterwards, she wanted to know what I was expecting and what I wanted to see. I told her that I felt my hair was all one length (she agreed) but that I wanted to keep the length. Keyonna told me that my hair is heavy and that’s what it weighing down the waves. With my hair type, I needed to be broken up a lot to let the waves breathe and come into their own. I knew I was in really good hands, so Keyonna started cutting. After the cut, it was wash time at the wonderful massaging chair wash station. Keyonna’s assistant washed me with No-poo, devacurl one c, and used arc angell. Keyonna said my hair needs the extra hold that arc angell provides. Afterwards, Keyonna had me flip over while she scrunched me with paper towels, and she showed me how to get volume at the roots by slipping my hands in while upside down and shaking a bit. Then, it was a how-to on clipping and then under the dryer for 20. Afterwards, she used the devasun dryer and devafuser to dry my hair a bit more and get more volume. Keyonna also showed me how to style my bangs without having to take out the flatiron like I usually do. Both Keyonna, another stylist, and the receptionist loved my hair. They said the waves were perfect and that a lot of people would pay to have a head of hair like mine. I was quite flaterred of course!

I wish I could get the hang of the drying. I love the volume I had the first day and tried to replicate it both yesterday and today. I could only experiment so much, though, because I was at my SO’s parents’ house for the weekend. I’ll try clipping and drying a bit more to see if it’ll give more boost. I do love not having to break out the flatiron for my bangs. It hides my cowlicks better and looks more natural: wavy bangs, wavy hair. I plan on definitely going back!