It’s obvious that I have a less than stellar relationship with HEBE. My relationship with LOOB is somewhat spicy at times, but lukewarm more often than not. Garnier fructis soft curl cream and I have the most platonic of relationships, and Salon Selective curl energizing mousse and I are practically not on speaking terms.

Today, I used the kirkland conditioner as a rinseout for the last time. It smells alright, albeit a bit too floral for my tastes but not horrendously so, and it seems to moisturize well but it’s just that, alright. Granted it isn’t ridiculously expensive at just $6.99 for two massive bottles, but it’s still $6.99 on a mediocre product. Since costco has a killer return policy, I’m going to get my money back.

For stylers I used 2 dime blobs of Target brand KY jelly (CK substitute), 2 golfball sized blobs of HEBE, and finished it off with 2 half dollar blobs of GFSCC. I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever using massive amounts of products I’m iffy about. My hair looked alright after taking it out of the plop, but I really wasn’t expecting much. I did my usual clip and diffuse and headed to work. My hair felt coated and heavy with all the products but surprisingly enough, it dried with a good amount of volume. The left side of my hair even had more sporadic ringlets than usual. By the end of the day, my hair was still quite wavy, but with about 50% more frizz than usual. The waves were frizzy/defined waves and while it smelled good, it still felt producty.

Tomorrow, I have my first Devacut at Capella salon in Studio City with Keyonna. I’m so excited and nervous!