I have a ridiculous amount of hair products. It takes up an entire drawer, half of the cabinet under the sink, 4 boxes by the side of my bed, and a bagful of gel that I still haven’t found a spot for.

There are so many combinations I could try but I’m still stuck on one product: HEBE. Maybe it’s the guilt from knowing that I still have about 4 freaking tubes of this gel left (purchased from Ulta on clearance…even though I hadn’t tried it yet. Smart move, I know), but I’m refraining from trying anything new for the time being. I just NEED to get rid of this stuff!!! Once I’m down to one tube, maybe I’ll calm down. For now, I’m going through self-induced days of mediocre hair in vain attempts to get HEBE to work for me…even just once.

In the meantime, the rest of my products sit there, mocking me with the possibility of being an HG and trying to tempt me with promises of better hair days.