I love this! I’ve only been using it for two days but I can already tell this is repurchase status. It’s creamy white with no fragrance at all. It removes makeup well, helps control oilies, and it doesn’t sting my eyes like the GoW orange castile cleanser. I was using my majik azulene cleanser sample in the pm and the PSF gentle cleansing castile in the am to deal with the oilies better. Since using the PSF cleanser, my pores seemed a bit more clogged. There is a spot on my chin that is a good indicator of residue on my skin. After just two days of the GoW white castile, that spot has disappeared.

I’m thinking of selling the remainder of the PSF cleanser online. I was impressed with it at first and that’s why I have an 8 oz. bottle sitting in a cabinet, but the GoW cleansers blow it out of the water both performance wise and price wise.