My SO and I were in costco and he actually acquiesced to my purchasing the two ginormous bottles of kirkland conditioner. I read about it in passing on and it didn’t sound so bad. The only potentially iffy ingredient is jojoba protein. My hair doesn’t like a lot of proteins, wheat protein in particular, but jojoba protein didn’t sound too bad.

The scent isn’t bad. It’s a bit more floral and heady that I would like, but not god awful. As for slip, I had to add more of it than my cheapy walgreens condish (which smells better to boot!). Rinsing out, I wasn’t too impressed. It seemed to really soak into my hair which is surprising considering my hair felt well moisturized by the walgreens conditioner…but I may credit the need for more moisture to the fact that I did shampoo that day. I’ll have to try it a couple more times this week to see if it’s something I’ll keep.

That same day I tried Sebastian Potion 9. Maybe I had the consistency confused with the Burts Bees avocado foot lotion because Potion 9 seemed very runny. Now for the pros and cons:


  • nice scent
  • gave more body when blow drying
  • seemed to make my hair dry faster


  • increased frizz
  • hardly any hold
  • potential for buildup because of all the oils (i.e., frequent shampooing)

I’m thinking of just storing it till winter rolls around and experimenting more with the multitude of gels and light cremes I have.