The move: from Blogger to WordPress. That is all.

My hair wasn’t looking too great the past couple of days. Yes, the evil J&J leave-in had indelibly left its mark. So this morning I decided to get rid of its evilness by attacking it with some clarifying shampoo. My hair felt much better as I was rinsing the suds out and the result? My tight waves are back! Huzzah! I used a new leave-in instead of my trusty sheam: Zerran’s equalizer. I can’t quite pinpoint the scent – somewhat apple-ish with some light vanilla? Anyhoot, I used a bit too much – about a dime’s worth and scrunched in two nickle-sized blobs of that dang HEBE. My hair doesn’t look too bad actually. Yes, there is some fuzz and undefined waves, but it looks much better compared to yesterday’s overconditioned, droopy waves.

On another note, I’m not sure I’m feeling the Oyin HH. I thought it was too heavy for my hair but lately it seems as though I need to use a lot to get any slip. Maybe my hair is really thirsty? I don’t know. Hopefully I can make a better decision on it since I’ve washed away the evil J&J.