Yesterday was another Jessicurl trial day. On Tuesday my hair was pissing me off, so that evening I applied the rest of my WDT sample and washed it out the next day. I used RR, CCSS, and some HEBE on top for hold. My hair wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t up to par that day. It looked a little limp, didn’t have much shine, and the waves were stringy…but oh did it feel soft. It hit me last night that it may be overconditioned.

This morning I used some JC GLS with a dab of Organix coconut milk low ‘poo and my hair felt much better. I’m grudgingly going through my 5 tube supply of HEBE because a) I can’t return it anymore (and my SO will just roll his eyes if I bring up returning another product) and b) it just has to work! SheaM always works for me so I applied my usual 2 blobs and scrunched in some HEBE. It’s 10:20 am and my hair isn’t looking as awful as it has since that evil Johnson & Johnsons leave-in. PJ that I am, I’ll definitely keep trying other combos with HEBE, but at least I know this one ain’t too bad.