I used Oyin HH, Jessicurl RR & CCSS with some HEBE today. I was smart enough to leave in a little bit of my rinse out so my hair wasn’t mag-sulfate dry today but my hair was quite frizzy, undefined, and limp. I won’t lay the blame on my Jessicurl experiment today because the night before, I used some Chagrin Valley soap as shampoo and finished a sample packet of Johnson and Johnson’s leave-in that was just awful.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Chagrin Valley soap on my hair doesn’t bode well. I read through some threads on using the soap as a shampoo and just lathered my hands and applied the suds to my hair. The result? Utter squeaky cleanliness As I was rinsing out the suds in the shower, my fingers were even getting tangled in my hair! To make matters worse, I used some Johnson & Johnson’s leave in sample packet that my younger sister gave me to try. The scent is a bit too flowery and heavy for my taste and it has dimethicone as the third ingredient Not good. I figured that since I was going to be home for the rest of the day, why not just use it up? Big mistake. I credit my crap hair day to Johnson & Johnson’s and soap as shampoo. Boo.