In one word: like. It removes my makeup just as well as the other GoW cleansers I’ve tried – orange castile and Jen’s green tea/shea, doesn’t irritate my eyes like the PSF and Diana Yvonne castile cleansers, and it makes my skin feel super soft. The only negative about it (if it’s even possible to say something negative about GoW products) is that it doesn’t control the oil I get during the day as well as the castile cleanser did. I hardly got any mid-morning or mid-day shine with the oj castile cleanser but with the azulene and Jen’s cleanser, I had to pull out my Clean and Clear wipes by the time I got to work. The shine I get isn’t unbearable, but it’s noticeable (probably only to me, though). I’m thinking that I may just use the azulene and Jen’s cleanser for my end of the day washes since they remove makeup so well and make my skin feel like a baby’s bottom.